Preschool Room #3 News

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March was a fun filled month packed with celebrating Holidays, birthdays, and special themed days. We also welcomed a few new friends to our room, and we look forward to more joining us in April. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter were the talk of the month. At the beginning of the month, the children’s favourite activity seemed to be finding the gold coins hidden in the sensory bins that the Leprechauns hid. This then turned into finding the carrots and Easter eggs that the Easter bunny hid! To extend this interest, we played find the four leaf clovers and Easter eggs hidden around the classroom during circle.

During the month of March, the dramatic play centre became a hair salon. The centre included a stand with a sink and vanity, cash register and play money, empty shampoo, and conditioner bottles, dress up clothes, jewelry and more.

This was created based off an observation of the children pretending to do each others hair. After nap one of the teachers in the classroom will brush the children’s hair and create different hairstyles. Upon watching this take place the children asked many questions and began requesting different ponies, braids, mohawks, and more. The Story Book Early Learning Centre Hair Salon was then created in Preschool 3. Next month we will be turning the dramatic play centre into a nursery. The children love to role play as teachers and pretend to put each other asleep by patting each others backs and care for the baby dolls in the classroom. With the nursery being created this interest can soar.

We also continued working on different school readiness skills to prepare for Kindergarten in September. This month we continued our focus on spelling and writing our names, identifying the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes, and our scissor skills. The preschoolers are so incredibly proud when they are able accomplish any of these steps. During circle, the children have continued to request the classroom calendar each morning and are able to sing the days of the week and months of the year song all on their own. They are also able to read the weather app symbols and tell the weather for that day and the next. Their interests and skills are taking off and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for April.