Preschool Room #3 News

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February was a busy month celebrating Holidays, birthdays, and special themed days. Valentine’s Day was a popular topic amongst the children. They had huge smiles giving and receiving their valentines they brought from home. They were telling their friends about their treats a week in advance. The preschoolers worked very hard on their gifts to their family and couldn’t wait to give it to you. They even made valentines to give to their friends during creative activity. We have been focusing on what it means to be a good friend and practicing self-regulation activities such as yoga, deep breathing, and more. We will continue to grow on this important life skill throughout the year.

We have also been working on spelling and writing our names each day with different activities. Most commonly when each child completes their artwork, they often ask the teachers to put their name on it for them. To promote self-help skills and get the class ready for kindergarten, we have been using the dotted line technique and encouraging them to trace the letters. As each letter is traced, we announce the letter that is being drawn and once completed, we practice spelling out loud together. This is something that can also be practiced at home.

March is full of fun as we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, a handful of birthdays, and more themed days. Last month the class would point to the picture of Elsa and Anna on the calendar and ask how many more days until Frozen day. When it finally came, we turned it into a Frozen week due to their excitement and seeing their interest spark. It was a huge hit with rescuing ocean animals from ice cubes after Elsa froze them, voting for our favourite character, and learning the letters for each one. We can’t wait to see what interest sparks in March.

Reminder that we will be closed for Good Friday on March 29th and Easter Monday April 1st. We hope you have a fabulous Easter with your loved ones.