Preschool Room #3

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We have been so excited about the warmer weather! With spring in full gear, we have been interested in gardening and learning about the plant life cycle. On Earth Day we learned the importance of caring for our planet and recycling. We will continue this interest into the next month.

During the month of April, the Earth and space were a popular topic due to the solar eclipse. This became an interest when children shared that they wouldn’t be here on that day or leaving early. The preschoolers became curious what an eclipse was. Our interest in space skyrocketed after that. We discussed each of the eight different planets in our solar system and created our own during creative activity. During the solar eclipse a livestream of the event was played on the classroom iPad and the children took turns wearing special sunglasses.

We celebrated a few more birthdays in April and have a couple more in May that we are looking forward to, as well as some more National holidays to participate in. During April the children loved bringing in photos of their families and pets to share during circle on National Siblings Day and National Pets Day. Performing a skittle experiment on National Rainbow Day, playing pin the nose on Peppa Pig, creating our own capes for International Superhero Day, and having a dance party for International Dance Week were a few more of our favourites.

The preschoolers have continued working on their letters and the sounds they make. We have been focusing on both capital and lower case letters now. They are getting better at finding the pairs during the alphabet games we play at circle. Spelling our names has also been something we have been practicing a lot during free play with letter blocks, art activities, games at circle and more. We are excited for what new kindergarten readiness skills we accomplish in May!

We would like to wish all our mom’s and grandma’s a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Just a reminder that we will be closed Monday May 20th for the holiday.