Preschool Room #3 News

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At the start of July, we celebrated Disney  ! The children read books and created wonderful Disney themed art. Making Mickey Mouse ears for the children to wear, rescuing Frozen characters stuck in blocks of ice, and making Finding Nemo sun catchers were a few of our favourites.

A few children were outside pretending to fix our school bus in the playground, so we shifted our focus to construction. We added a sand table full of construction vehicles for them to explore within the classroom. We gave the children mini bricks and playdoh (mortar) to build structures. We put out construction gear and tools for them to build on the carpet.

We had a blast on Water Day . The children loved touring the fire truck and loved running around while the firefighters soaked them with the hose. We continued our water day with fun games like duck duck goose and over/under with sponges filled with water.

Essex celebrated their annual Fun Fest  mid July. The children returned to school with so many exciting stories about the carnival rides, games, and fireworks. We created our very own Fun Fest carnival. The children made tickets, put on puppet shows and created carnival games to play with one another.

Just a reminder we are closed Monday, September 5th for Labour Day. Enjoy   

 Children starting Kindergarten September 2022  – please note that Kindergarten does not start till the week of September 12th for most JK/SK students (please check your corresponding school board calendar). Please let us know of your childcare needs for that first week of September.