Preschool Room #2 News

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As we welcome the month of December, we look forward to new learning opportunities and adventures as we transition into winter and celebrate the Christmas holidays! Looking back at November we reflect on the children’s interests this month that include community helpers, dinosaurs, food and nutrition, and rainbows!

This past month the children enjoyed playing in our kitchen dramatic play centre. Kitchen role play is an exciting way for the children to create imaginative scenarios and encourages the children to engage with others while practicing life skills. The kitchen centre brought on the interest of food and nutrition. We went on picnics, learnt about the different food groups and how to create a healthy meal by “eating the rainbow”. With that the children’s interest shifted into rainbows and colour mixing. The children experimented with colours by mixing primary colours using paint. They also had the opportunity to mix colours using food colouring, water, and eye droppers to practice their fine motor skills! The group also took part in two rainbow experiments such as the skittle rainbow experiment and the walking rainbow experiment.

Our interest then shifted into community helpers after the children began discussing their parents’ occupations and pretended to be chefs, police officers, and fire fighters. We spent a week learning about the helpers in our community. We created activities for the children to learn about dental health, fire safety, and other occupations. The children practiced their scissors skills by pretending to be hairstylists with paper. We also created a doctor’s office in our classroom. The children worked together to create the signs for the dramatic play centre by tracing words and making posters.

As we enter the month of December, we are so excited to play in the snow and to celebrate the holidays! We will set up our Christmas tree and create ornaments and decorations for our classroom! We will discuss and create activities based around winter and the holidays while focusing on scissor skills, name, and letter recognition. We are so excited to celebrate together and challenge the children with new activities and experiences!

Just a reminder, Story Book E.L.C will be closed from Dec 24th -Jan 2nd for the holidays. We will re-open on Monday January 3rd, 2022. Please let the staff know of any changes to your child’s schedule.