Preschool Room #2 News

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This past month we have really been focusing on letters, shapes, and simple graphs. One of the children’s biggest interests has been Frozen. We have incorporated their interest of Frozen in many different activities.

            Towards the end of this month we introduced Letter of the Week. We have began singing songs so the children can familiarize themselves with the sound of each letter that we introduce. During one of our circles the children were able to identify several “S” words after just one week. We are very proud of their hard work.

            To explore shapes in an exciting way, we had the children go on a shape hunt around the classroom. We identified shapes in the hallway on our many walks and even outside! They loved playing the shape memory match game and seeing the shapes on familiar objects and in familiar places (stop signs, wheels on a bike, slice of pizza, etc.). The children are using the concepts they have learned during play. They will be using a toy and tell us “this is a square”, or “I made a house using the triangles and squares”. We are excited to see that the children are developing an understanding that shapes exist all around us in everyday things.

            This month we have done a lot of simple graphing activities during circle and through answering our question of the day. We use these activities to help the children see without counting which is more or less, improve their name recognition skills (finding their name amongst the rest of the children’s), and adding more depth to their communicational skills by responding to a question.

            The children have been demonstrating more school-readiness and we are building upon that in so many fun and interesting ways!

            We will also be having a pink, red, and white day to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14th.

            Please be advised there is a P.D day on February 14th. Please let staff know of your childcare needs for that day.

            Just a reminder that Story Book will be closed Monday February 17th for Family Day.