Preschool Room #2 News

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Our room is in full swing with all our new faces and all our new interests.

Recently, we found a caterpillar outside and brought it in for the day. We learned about our new friend’s diet, habitat, and the journey he will take to become a butterfly. We also enjoyed identifying what colours we saw on the caterpillar and using those colours to make our own “caterpillar art”. This also stemmed some insect activities such as sorting flying and non flying insects, learning parts of a bug, and discussing that some insects live in colonies (with their families).

We changed our dramatic centre into a kitchen with some babies. The children have been creating many of their favourite meals in their pretend play. Some of the children have pretended to go on picnics, work at McDonald’s, host a party, and even pretended they were teachers in the infant room. We can’t wait to see what role playing will come next.

In just the last week, some children have been experiencing some fun fall activities such as apple picking with their families and have been very excited to share their stories with all of us. This has sparked a huge interest in apples! We have discussed the different colours of apples, parts of an apple and all the delicious treats we can make using apples. The children have also been pretending to collect apples in our wheelbarrow outside.

Lastly, we have added a “weather centre” to our room. This was added because many of the children have been observing the weather outside and making statements such as, “Today there are dark clouds in the sky, I think it will rain.” They have also been asking questions such as, “I don’t see the sun, is it cold outside?” We hope this new centre helps encourage our little meteorologists in their play and learning.

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Fred Rogers