Preschool Room #2 News

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As we welcome the month of December, we look forward to new learning opportunities and adventures as we transition into winter and celebrate the holidays! Looking back at the past month of November we reflect on the children’s interests which included dinosaurs, transportation, and community helpers.


This past month the children in Preschool #2 learnt all about dinosaurs. We learnt the names of the different dinosaurs and how to pronounce them. We discussed what dinosaurs ate and the differences between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. The children were so excited to create their own dinosaur feet, paper plate brachiosaurus, and triceratops puppets out of paper bags.


Our interest shifted when the children were observed making ramps for their cars, building boats, and different vehicles with toys inside the classroom. The children loved playing in transportation themed sensory bins which included a car wash water bin and a construction vehicle bin using corn.


The children’s interests shifted during these activities after discussing the different modes of transportation our community helpers use. We created activities for the children to learn about dental health, fire safety, and other occupations. The teachers also created a veterinary clinic dramatic play centre in the classroom to encourage the children’s imagination and creativity. Pretend play also supports children’s social and emotional development by encouraging communication and problem solving between them and their peers.


As we enter the month of December, we are so excited to play in the snow and celebrate the holidays! We will work together to set up our Christmas tree, create ornaments, and decorate our classroom. While also focusing on the children’s interests we will continue to focus on scissor skills, name, and letter recognition. We are so excited to celebrate together and challenge the children with new activities and experiences.


We are having a toy/canned good drive for local charities. If you choose to participate, please have donations in by December 15th. Boxes for these items can be found at the front entrance if you choose to participate.


Just a reminder we will be closed December 24th and re-open Tuesday January 3rd.