Preschool Room #2

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July was full of discovery in Preschool #2 as the children have been interested in letters and science.

With Summer in full swing the children have been very excited about the different places they will be going and things they will be doing on vacation; from camping to going to Canada’s Wonderland. They have been having lots of fun creating pictures of the places they will go and driving our bus in the yard to many fun locations.

Early literacy has been a major focus in our room, learning about what sound each letter makes and how letters can come together to make words, each day we choose a different letter of the alphabet and think of words with that letter. For the letter “E” the children worked hard and found over one hundred words. This is an activity they look forward to each and everyday.

While exploring different areas in science, magnets became a favourite for the children as they wanted to find what their magnets would attract. To help expand on this we created magnet sensory bottles filled with different materials such as pipe cleaners, paper clips, and bingo marking chips.

We will continue to work on these skills and continue learning about the world around us as we prepare for the start of a new school year.

Reminder we will be closed on Monday, September 6th for Labour Day. Enjoy the long weekend.