Preschool Room #2

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So many exciting things have been happening in Preschool #2! June was full of new beginnings and exploration. The children learnt all about zoo animals, celebrated Father’s Day, and shared in the excitement of moving into our new school!
Animals became a big focus in our room this past month as the children learned about the different types of animals in our world; where they lived, what they ate and how they camouflage into the environment around them.
The children spent a week creating Father’s Day art work to show their dads how much they love and appreciate them for all that they do! During large group times the children shared their favourite activities they do with their dads, and we created a list of reasons why we love them.
During large group time our group has been looking at the calendar and the weather. This has been an exciting part of our daily routine teaching the children about the months of the year, days of the week, numbers, and weather. The children were involved in the excitement of starting our new chapter at our new location and created a countdown! We have said goodbye to our old school at Sun Parlour and moved into our new school at Essex Public School. The children have enjoyed playing on our brand new playground and learning in our new classroom.

We would also ask that you let us know about any vacation or changes to your child’s summer schedule as soon as you can.  This helps us in planning for staffing needs.

Please note: We will be close Monday August 2nd for the Civic holiday. Enjoy the day with your family.