Preschool Room #2

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The month of March was full of fun and exciting adventures. The children’s main interests involved measurement, camping, and the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

We introduced measurement by creating a measuring centre with a height comparison chart using yarn to measure each child. The children enjoyed looking at the chart to compare their height to other children. The measuring provocations we implemented will help the children begin to develop the vocabulary of measurement and comparison such as longer, shorter, taller, bigger, and wider.

This month we got creative and added a dramatic play centre to our classroom while keeping the children socially distanced. As a class we created our very own Preschool Campground complete with a camp fire, a forest mural, forest animals, and all the necessities we need to go camping! This has been an incredibly fun addition to the room and has allowed the children to play with their own toys in their own space while participating in parallel play.

The preschoolers celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by dressing up in green, going on a shamrock number hunt, as well as painting rainbows and shamrocks! We also used play dough and other materials to create leprechaun traps to catch the sneaky leprechaun we found lurking around our classroom.

As we enter the month of April, we are looking forward to celebrating Easter and jumping into some new emerging interests such as community helpers and learning about the signs of Spring. While outside the children saw a robin and found a bird’s nest! The children have also enjoyed planting and watching our seeds grow. We are excited to talk about the signs of Spring and enjoy the warmer weather!