Preschool Room #2

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This past month the children have been very busy! We have learnt all about colours through stories, experiments, and crafts! We have followed the children’s interest in rainbows by completing a ‘grow a rainbow experiment’ and creating our own rainbows using paint. The children also enjoyed following along to an interactive story called “Mix It Up”. Throughout the story the group observed what happens when colours are mixed. Afterwards, the children were given the opportunity to mix colours in an open-ended art activity following along to the story. The group learnt about primary and secondary colours while completing a colour mixing experiment using water, food colouring, and eye droppers.

We also explored the children’s interest in dinosaurs. We learnt the names of dinosaurs, sorted them by size, measured them with blocks, and went on a dinosaur bone hunt. The children manipulated play dough using the dinosaurs to create footprints, fossils, and eggs. We used salt dough to create real dinosaur fossils. We also used vinegar and eye droppers to break down dinosaur eggs.

The children have been demonstrating many new skills every day. We are so excited to build upon them in exciting and fun ways that are based on their emerging interests and individual needs. We can not wait to see what February has in store for us!

Valentine’s Day is usually a fun day for the children but unfortunately this year we won’t be able to pass out Valentines due to COVID 19 regulations. We look forward to talking about Valentine’s Day and how we can celebrate it, expressing love and friendship  for each other. Friday February 12th will be our day of celebration, so join us in wearing red, white, or pink.

Just a reminder: February 15th is Family Day, Story Book ELC will be closed. We hope you have a great time with your family.