Preschool Room #2

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Wow we can’t believe we are in March already! It seems like February flew by. This past month we’ve enjoyed Valentine’s Day activities, Jolly Phonics songs, and community helpers.

            We had so much fun the week of Valentine’s Day making beautiful artwork, doing science experiments, and passing out delicious treats. The children loved the science experiments and seeing what happened to the capsules when we put them into warm water. They all made predictions and were amazed at the final results-hearts for Valentine’s Day. We did another science experiment using white carnations. We placed them into water that was mixed with strong food colouring. The children made more predications and over the week we watched them change colour. The children were fascinated by their transformation from white to coloured flowers. 

            At the end of January, we began learning Jolly Phonics to enhance our letter recognition skills. Through the month of February, we learned four more letters. The children are gaining a deeper understanding of each letter, how they are represented through written form, how they sound, and words beginning with each letter. They are going to be ready for kindergarten in no time. 

            The last two weeks of February have been all about community helpers. We noticed the children building fire trucks from the blocks, pretending to put fire out with our long blocks and pretending to rescue people. Once we talked about other community helpers at circle it seemed to have sparked interest among all the children. This led to us turning our dramatic play area into a community helper centre. In these centres we have various costumes and props to go with each Community Helper. They are having so much fun and really enjoy role playing! 

            March hopefully will bring warmer weather but please don’t bring home the children’s winter gear yet. We go out for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. In the morning it is still a little cooler and the ground is still cold so please leave boots and winter gear here.