Preschool Room #1

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We want to take this opportunity to welcome all of the children back. They have adjusted well with the new routines. The staff in the room include Mrs. Steph, Mrs. Darlene, and Mrs. Jenna.

Summer seems to have disappeared overnight. With the colder weather here, please be sure that your child has a warm set of extra clothing.

Halloween is just around the corner. The children are already excited to tell us about their costumes. Please note we do not wear costumes at school as it can be scary for some of the children. We encourage you to dress your child in black and orange on Friday October 30th. Due to Covid-19, we unfortunately will not be able to accept treats and/or items to be given out for Halloween. Thank you for your understanding.

We are working on self help skills in our room. Encouraging the children to put on their own shoes, pull up their own pants, and put on their own coats using the flipping method.

Just a reminder we will be closed on Monday October 12th for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!