Preschool Room #1 News

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Happy New Year , we hope that everyone had a nice holiday with their family. The children have been excited to tell us what Santa left for them. Many of the children have returned to school asking where Tinsel the Elf is. They looked so forward to finding her every morning last month.  Tinsel helped us to learn in many different areas,

We studied:1. Numbers, using our advent calendar to count

  1. Subtraction, how many sleeps until Santa comes
  2. Geography, where the North Pole is located
  3. Alphabet, how to spell Tinsel and Santa
  4. Problem solving skills, working together to find Tinsel

Sadly, Tinsel has gone back to the North Pole until next year, but it is nice  to know that she had a bit of an impact on the children’s learning.

We have a few new friends who have moved up from the toddler rooms. We want to welcome them to our room. . Just a reminder that the teachers in the room are Mrs. Steph, Mrs. Darlene, & Mrs. Jenna, although with schools closed, we have had a few changes.

The children are getting better at putting on their winter gear. We have been encouraging self help skills to enhance their independence. Please send boots and snow pants even if there is not snow. We are outside twice daily, and it is more fun when the children are warm.

Moving forward in  January we will continue to expand on the children’s interests and are very excited to see where this takes us.