Preschool Room #1 News

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Well summer seems to have done a drive by, we can’t believe its already over, happy Fall everyone! Please make sure that your child has a spare set of clothing appropriate for the weather.


Halloween is just around the corner. The children are already excited and have started to tell us about their costumes. Please note that we do not wear costumes at school as it can be scary for some. Instead, we encourage you to dress your little one in orange and black to celebrate the day. If you would like to send treats (not required) with your child, you are free to do so but keep in mind that we are a peanut/nut free school.


We are working on self help skills in our room. This includes encouraging the children to put on their own socks and shoes, pull up their own pants, and put on their coat using the flip method. We know this sometimes takes a little longer when getting ready, but they are important skills to learn. Thanks for your cooperation.