Preschool Room #1 News

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Summer has gone by so quickly. We hope you were able to enjoy it. We heard about many cottage vacations and some beach visits. With summer coming to an end, we are excited to start a new school year.


With the new school year upon us you may see some changes.  Some children as well as staff could be moving to new classrooms. Please keep in mind that all staff can work effectively with all age groups and are familiar with all the children in the centre.  Staff will plan curriculum based on the children’s interests as well as introduce new ideas.


During the month of August our children were interested in familiar stories such as the 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and the famous Going on a Bear Hunt. They were most interested in the Big Bad Wolf.  . We also focused on numbers, letters, and shapes as well as some health and manners.


Just a reminder, we are closed on Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving. We hope you have a great holiday.