Preschool Room #1 News

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We have been trying hard to stay in the winter spirit and keep winter alive despite the lack of snow this year.  We have explored the signs of the season and savoured the tiny bits of snow that have fallen.   We created lots of different types of snowflakes and explored different aspects of Winter such as winter dressing, snowmen building, animals that hibernate and activities that are specific to the colder weather. 

            We have since moved on to learn about sea creatures as the children have had the experience of playing in a “sea creature” sensory table.  This has sparked the children’s interest and we have already had fun learning facts and fun songs about all sorts of sea animals.  We have also been able to incorporate sorting and comparing throughout many of these activities. 

            Valentines Day is quickly approaching.  If you wish to send valentines on this day, we ask that you bring in your valentines with your child’s name on them.   Your child will be able to hand them out to their friends during circle time and we will be sure that each child receives some.

            We will also be having a pink, red, and white day to celebrate Valentine’s day on Friday, February 14th.

            A reminder that Monday, February 17th is Family Day and Story Book will be closed.  We hope everyone has an amazing day with their families.