Preschool Room #1

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Preschool #1 News

I see robins, I see birds’ nests

Butterflies too, flowers too

Everything is growing

The wind is gently blowing

Spring is here, spring is here.

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have enjoyed playing dress up. They started turning blankets into capes to be superheroes, so we introduced a dress up centre where we have seen lots of imaginative dramatic play. They pretend to be firefighters, princesses, doctors, and even teachers! A couple of them like to set up a classroom using pets as students and they lead a circle including songs and a story!

We have been learning about recognizing our emotions and our friends’ emotions through crafts, circle activities, and facial expression activities. The children love making different facial expressions and having their friends guess how they are feeling! We have also been working on recognizing our names. The children love it when we put all the names around the circle, and they have to find which one is theirs.

Moving into April, we are very excited to see all the signs of spring! The children have been pointing out the changes in temperature, as well as all the colours they have been seeing come to life outside. We can’t wait to see where their interests lead us with this change in season. Of course, there has already been plenty of buzz around the Easter Bunny! We are delving into the Easter season with songs, activities, and crafts that encourage gross and fine motor development.

We will be closed Friday, April 19th and Monday, April 22nd for Easter. We hope you all enjoy the long weekend with your families!