Preschool Room #1

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The month of October was filled with signs of fall. The children were fascinated with the leaves on the trees changing colour. When the leaves started to fall to the ground, they were even more excited to collect them in the sand pails. The children took turns raking them and jumping into the tiny piles. We brought some into the classroom to put in our sensory bin and hid objects in the leaves for the children to find.

Josh’s No Frills donated a bin of pumpkins to our school, so the children were able to make a craft with pumpkins. The friends in our room made ghosts out of their pumpkins. We are so thankful for the generous donation. Everyone was discussing what they were going to carve their pumpkin into when they got one for Halloween.

Once Halloween was mentioned that was all the children wanted to talk about. We heard about so many different costumes that they had chosen to wear, including a unicorn, pig, Batman, frog, and a pumpkin just to name a few. We are interested to see if what they told the teachers is really what they dressed up as. We talked a lot about Halloween and the “do’s and don’ts” involved. They seemed to have the basics down. We had a “practice run” on Halloween and I guess we didn’t address the part about waiting to eat the candy that well. We hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.

This month will probably start with more talk about Halloween because the children will be too excited after it just happening and are still truly figuring out what it’s all about. Hopefully we can talk a little bit more about fall and some other topics before they start wanting to talk about Christmas.

Just a reminder that we are outside 2x a day for approximately 45 minutes. Please be sure that your child has a hat and mittens for the cooler weather. Please NO GLOVES unless the children can put them on by themselves.