Preschool Room # 1 & #2 News

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Preschool Room #1 

Summer is half way over and it feels like it just started! The children loved getting outside to play in the water during those hot days. They also loved eating those freezies! Yummy, yummy.

Last month the children were interested in the sand box and loved making sandcastles in it. They also loved painting with the water. The children enjoyed learning about the different insects we see during summer and where they may live. The children have been talking a lot about camping and their vacations which sparked some camping discussions.

We will be continuing the fun of the water play with seeing what floats and what sinks and making our own car washes and boats.

Towards the end of July, the children were watching the construction workers removing the play equipment at Essex Public School and that has sparked a conversation as to what construction workers do.

Just a reminder that Story Book will be closed on Monday September 4th, 2023 for Labour Day. Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far!


Preschool Room #2

Summer is in full swing and we are having a wonderful time. The weather has been cooperating and we have been able to continue our summer activities outside.  The children have been enjoying the sandbox, bubbles as well as water play just to name a few.  We also had an extra fun water day when the fire truck came for a visit. The children loved getting sprayed by the hose in their swim suits and drying off in the sun with freezies.


Based on quite a bit of interest and observations, we have been focusing our large and small groups on sea creatures. The children loved talking and learning about many of our ocean friend’s habitats, diets, defense mechanisms. We also learned how to keep our oceans clean to help keep the sea creatures happy and healthy.


When the Essex Fun Fest came to town, all the children were talking about their experiences and all the activities they participated in.  This was the perfect time to have  a “Carnival Day”! We had an amazing time playing ball toss, circus mirror, ring the bell, mini golf, pie in the face, and many more. We ended our day with a cotton candy snack. It was a big success!


In the next couple of weeks we will be talking about rhyming words based on the children requesting songs such as “Down by the Bay” as well as making up their own games with word play. We will be reading books like Dr. Seuss to help the children become more familiar with words that sound the same.


For some of our older children, this will be their last month before moving on to “Big School”. We wish them the best in Kindergarten… we will miss them all.

“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” – Dr. Seuss.


Reminder: Storybook will be closed Monday, August 7th for the Civic Holiday and Monday, September 4th for Labour Day!