Preschool Room 1& 2 News

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Preschool Room #1

Hip, hip, hurray for March! Our groundhog friend made his prediction for it to be 6 more weeks of winter, let’s see if he’s correct this year. The children have been interested in learning about Valentine’s Day, the groundhog, and other interesting animals we have living around us. They have done a ton of interesting crafts and I know they were pretty excited about some of them. While outside the children loved rolling down the small hill we have and shovelling the snow into the pails to make snowballs and snowman.

Valentine’s Day was a great success in our classroom and the children have been talking about it for the last couple weeks. We saw a lot of red and pink and a lot of love being spread.

Lately the children have been interested in learning the different types of vehicles that we see around us, either on the road, in the sky or on the water. They have also been interested in retelling familiar stories such as the 3 little pigs. We will be expanding their interests with these topics in the upcoming weeks.

Just a reminder that March break is from March 13th to March 17th. Please let us know if your child’s schedule is changing for that week. Remember to dress your little leprechaun   in green on Friday March 17th .

Also, we will be closed on Friday April 7th for Good Friday and April 10th for Easter Monday.


Preschool Room #2

March is here, and Preschool #2 is in full swing with many interests and activities.

Recently  many of the children have been re-telling and acting out familiar stories. We decided to have some fun! We are working together to make big straw, stick and brick houses. We are going to put these houses in the Dramatic Play centre along with costumes so the children can continue to role play. We are going to take suggestions from the children of what to add inside their houses as well as different items for the Wolf to eat. We have also used our large groups to act out the stories such as “3 Billy Goats Guff”, “Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears” and “The 3 Little Pigs”

We also have TONS of dinosaur fans. We are so excited to explore more about this interest, even though we are sure some of the children will be teaching us on this topic. We already created a “Dinosaur Exploration Centre” that we are going to go digging for fossils, hatch dinosaur eggs, read dinosaur books and explore other dinosaur activities.

The children have also been having many discussions about their pets at home. If you are able to send a picture of your pets to school so we are able to display them, and the children are able to show them off to their friends. If you don’t have a pet, you can send a picture of their favourite stuffed animal.  You can either bring in a copy or send a picture through the Remind app.

Just a reminder that March Break is the week of March 13th . If your child’s attendance changes this week, please let us know.

Friday, March 17th  is St. Patrick’s Day, help us celebrate by dressing your little leprechauns in green.