Preschool Room 1 & 2 News

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Preschool Room #1

Welcome back and happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. The children have been so excited to tell us everything that Santa brought them.

We have some new friends moving up from the toddler room in the coming weeks and we would like to welcome them to our room!

The children have been really interested in the alphabet and recognizing their names this month. We have been reinforcing this during our large and small group times with letter games that encourage them to name letters. They also enjoyed seeing all our Christmas artwork around the room and finding theirs by looking for their name.

Because of the snow storm we didn’t get to enjoy our pajama day as a class, so we are hoping to try again this month!

The children are getting so good at putting on their own winter gear. We have been encouraging self help skills to enhance their independence with getting dressed. Please continue to send boots and snow pants even if there is no snow right now. We are outside twice daily, and it is a lot more fun when we are warm. Let’s all wish for some snow to play in soon.

Please note there will be some staff changes starting this month, the teachers in Preschool #1 will now be Mrs. Stephanie, Miss Kristie, Mrs. Nicole, and Miss Amber.


Preschool Room #2

Happy New Year!!! We hope all our families had a wonderful and exciting holiday. We are so glad to be back and ready to have some winter fun. Just a reminder the children go outdoors for an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. Please make sure your child’s belongings are all labelled so that we can help the kids keep track of their winter gear .

For the month of January we will discuss all things Winter. Bears hibernating, animals that migrate in the winter, how snowflakes are formed, and how to build a snowman . We also will shift our focus to school prep. Printing our names and tracing will be our focus at the art tables. We will assist the children as always when dressing for outdoors and washroom routines while allowing the children to attempt these self help skills independently first.

We will begin Jolly Phonics in January. Jolly phonics are basic songs we will sing the children to help them learn to recognize how sounds are represented alphabetically and identify some letter sounds, symbols, and characters. The first group of letters we will work on will be S,A,T,I,P, and N. We hope you will begin to hear the children sing these songs at home.

Please note there will be some staffing changes starting this month, the teachers in Preschool #2 will now be Mrs. Darlene, Miss Courtney, Mrs. Kathleen, and Mrs. Kelly.