Preschool Room # 1 & #2 News

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Preschool Room #1 

Happy Spring! We hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend. The children practiced finding eggs and learned lots of Easter songs over the last few weeks. One of their favourites was, “I had a chocolate Easter Bunny”. They also liked practicing opening all the plastic eggs even though the ones at school were empty.

We have enjoyed a bit of warmer weather, and it has been nice not to have to wear snow pants and boots everyday. There are some days that it is cold enough for them so please continue to send them with your child. The teachers will use their discretion as to whether they put them on or not (hopefully not).

We participated in Hats on for Healthcare and for a small donation the children were able to wear a hat for the day. We were able to raise $210 to support Windsor Regional Hospital Oncology Inpatient, treatment, and diagnosis. Thank you to all who participated.

This month will bring a lot of talks about Spring and the changing weather. We have already noticed 3 robins that keep playing just outside our window. They usually make a nest under our pergola. We haven’t seen any signs yet, but we have been looking. We will keep you posted.

Preschool Room #2 

April showers bring May flowers. We are all looking forward to observing all signs of Spring that will hopefully be arriving soon.

In Preschool 2, we moved on from transportation and onto dinosaurs. We have been doing dinosaur activities that includes measuring, matching, and categorizing. We also enjoyed learning about the different dinosaur names, characteristics, habitats, and diets.

We also had many special days recently. Thank you to everyone that participated in “Hats on for Healthcare” as well as “Rock your Socks” for World Down Syndrome Day.

We also had fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, as we worked together brainstorming and creating a Leprechaun trap. Also, we enjoyed watching a  special movie during our pajama party for Easter.

During this month, we are going to change our dramatic play centre to a theatre, with costumes, instruments, puppets, and microphones. We can’t wait to see what performances the children will creating. The sky is the limit!

“When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the

bounds of reality.”

-Fred Rogers