Preschool Room #1 & #2 News

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Preschool Room #1 News-

Hooray! Summer is in full swing. We have heard that a lot of our families enjoyed the Fun Fest. We the heard dragon roller coaster was fun for some and  a bit scary for others. The children were excited to tell the Teachers all about the parade. We heard that it included fire trucks and candy, all the important parts. Some children have talked about vacations to the beach which has sparked an interest among the rest of the children. We have been learning about different types of shells and things to bring to the beach. The children have been busy digging for seashells in the sand and having fun with water play.

We spent some time learning about transportation last month. The children had fun filling and dumping trucks with the rocks found from outside.

If you are still planning a vacation for the month of August, please make sure the staff are aware.

Just a reminder that Story Book will be closed on Monday September 5th. We hope you enjoy your long weekend.


Preschool Room #2 News-

This past month the children have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather! Outside, the children have been playing in the sandbox digging for dinosaur bones and using construction vehicles to dig big holes and create construction zones. To stay cool during the hot days the children have been indulging in water play! They use paint brushes with water to write or trace the letters of their names as well as paint the outdoor structures. We also had a generous donation from the Essex High School students who built us two “Exploration Stations.”

The children participated in a water day full of fun and excitement! Fire fighters from the Essex Fire Station allowed the children in Preschool 2 to tour their fire truck. Afterwards they sprayed us with the hose and the children participated in more water games! This brought on a lot of interest and conversation about community helpers and the transportation they use.

Indoors the children have been sharing their personal trips and summer experiences! Many of the children have taken trips to the beach, went on camping trips, and went to the Essex Fun Fest! We incorporated many of these topics into our curriculum last month. We have played carnival games at circle and even turned our dramatic play centre into a carnival! We have created many summer themed activities such as building sandcastles by bringing sand inside and practicing our cutting skills by making colourful beach balls!

As we jump into our last month of summer we begin counting down the days until kindergarten for those moving on! We will continue to work on the skills that will help your child progress as they move on to kindergarten by providing them with challenging activities that will help them learn, grow, and thrive.

Just a reminder Story Book Early Learning Centre will be closed September 5th for Labour Day!

Children starting Kindergarten September 2022  – please note that Kindergarten does not start till the week of September 12th for most JK/SK students (please check your corresponding school board calendar). Please let us know of your childcare needs for that first week of September.