Preschool Room #1

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Preschool #1

          The preschoolers have been extremely busy going on bug hunts.  It all began with a few ants here and there and then quickly progressed into the finding of ladybugs, spiders, flying ants, worms and even a few butterflies.  Each day we venture outside, there seems to be more and more insects to discover. 

          Due to our fascination with insects we have been doing a lot of activities with them.  We are extremely good at identifying all sorts of insects and some simple facts about each one.  We have quite a few songs about insects that we are learning and have made spider webs, insect prints, butterflies and bugs in a jar for creative activities. Our favourite activity has been our sensory bin filled with bugs and dirt! Here we were able to dig through the dirt with our shovels and find all different kinds and different colours of insects.  It is certain that our interest in these “creepy crawly” creatures will continue for some time.

          During the month of May, we will also focus on all our wonderful Moms and Grandmothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!! We hope it is wonderful day.          

          As the weather warms up, we will begin using sunscreen.  Story Book will provide the sunscreen. We use an unscented SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen that is purchased from the Great Lakes Safety Products. If you do not wish your child to have sunscreen on at school, please let the staff know. You can also apply your own sunscreen at home before your child’s arrival.

          A reminder that Story Book will be closed on Monday May 20th for Victoria Day. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!