Preschool #2 News

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As March approaches we are eagerly awaiting Spring! This past month we have spent our time indulging in winter activities and celebrating Valentine’s Day! We created winter themed crafts such as snowmen using the letters in our names and snow globes! We finally were able to get out and enjoy the snow. The children particularly enjoyed making snow angels and sledding around the yard! For Valentine’s Day we made cards for our loved ones and practiced our fine motor skills as we cut out the letters of our name on hearts! We also had heart cookies as a special treat!

This month the children have also been learning all about letters! We have been using the Jolly Phonics program to teach the children letters and their sounds. This program introduces each letter sound with an action, story, and song! This has become an exciting daily routine for the children to gather and follow along to the songs and stories! In addition, the class has been working on creating an alphabet book! Each child has decorated a letter with objects to help them become familiar with how each letter is formed as well as the sound it makes! This will make a wonderful review for large group times that will make each child feel included!

We have a lot of exciting things happening in March. The main one is the near completion of our brand-new centre. A lot of preparation and work goes into such a big move. We are all beyond thrilled for this new beginning.

We are so excited to transition into the spring season which will bring new opportunities to explore and learn! We will continue to learn letters with Jolly Phonics as it continues to be a strong interest within the classroom. Some other interests emerging include measurement, emotions, and plants. We look forward to expanding on these interests this month!

Reminder to wear green Wednesday March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day.