Preschool #2

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January 2020

Preschool Room #2

          Welcome back to all our families and Happy New Year! Let’s take a glance at the month of December. We had a lot of excitement as we got closer to Christmas break. The children loved our Christmas crafts, decorating the Christmas tree, our special visitor from the North Pole, Buddy the elf and learning to play new games. The children also had a lot of fun playing in our Hair Salon dramatic play centre. 

          Our crafts during the month of December were inspired by our children’s love of decorating Christmas trees, not only at home but here in our classroom. We made several special ornaments that they could take home and hang on their Christmas tree. They loved using the wide variety of materials to decorate their ornaments, especially the glitter! 

          The children were very excited when a special elf, Buddy, came from the North Pole to stay with us until Christmas break. They loved coming in each morning and looking around the room to see what he was up to. There were many times where we caught the children talking to him and telling him things to tell Santa; mostly what they wanted for Christmas. It was very special and magical having him with us in our room.

          During the month of December, we focused on learning two new games: a Frozen memory match game and a How the Grinch Stole Christmas board game. The children did a wonderful job taking turns, being patient and kind to those who were having a turn. We were very impressed with how quickly the children picked up on the games and how eager they were to play them each day. 

          Our dramatic play area was turned into a hair salon which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They booked appointments, washed, cut and styled each others hair. Everyone left the Preschool 2 hair salon looking radiant and coming back for more new hairdos. 

          We would like to start the new year off with a lot of fun and really dive deep into winter, snow, and wherever else the children lead us. We have a lot of exciting activities planned incorporating snow indoors as well as outdoors. 

          Thank you so much to all our families who helped contribute to the Salvation Army toy/can drive. Our staff also raised $700.00 by donating money to wear jeans on Fridays. We donated this money to the Essex Food Bank and to the Salvation Army.