Preschool #2

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November 2019

Preschool Room #2

            October was filled with many wonderful opportunities for our preschoolers to investigate, role play and use their imagination. They have investigated a variety of pumpkins, acted out little finger plays during circle, and used their imagination in our trick or treating dramatic play centre. The children have also made some very spooky and creative art that we used to decorate our classroom! 

            This past month the children have been getting very excited for Halloween! There has been a lot of conversation between the children about their Halloween costumes. One finger play we have been learning this month is Five Little Pumpkins. We started by singing the song with the children as a felt story. Then we started getting the children’s help to sing little parts of the song, and before long the children to acted out the whole finger play.

            In the area of science, the children have been exploring pumpkins. We set out different sized pumpkins for the children to hold and manipulate. Then we added a tape measures and a magnifying glass to look at the pumpkins closer. We also cut open the pumpkins and the children all explored the insides and removed the seeds. During circle the children were taught how to measure a pumpkin, such as how tall it is, how big around it is and how long is the stem. 

            The dramatic play center this month has been based on the children’s interests. The dramatic play area has provided the children with the opportunity to dress up in any costume of their choice, then knocked on the door and say “trick-or-treat” and receive candy. The play area also allowed the children the opportunity to pass out candy to the other children. They have loved role playing and using their imagination to create fun “Halloween nights”. 

            We hope you all enjoyed the open house and were able to take a step into our classroom to see where your children have been learning, playing and having fun! We look forward to seeing what is to come next month with our inquisitive preschoolers. 

            Remembrance Day is Monday, November 11th. Story Book is still open however this may be a holiday for some. Please let us know if this changes your child’s schedule in any way.