Preschool #2

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February 2018

Preschool Room # 2 News


January was a busy month, full of fun activities in dramatic play.

We began the month with an ice skating rink. A tarp was used for the ice and we watched the beautiful figure skaters perform to music throughout the day. We also saw some good hockey moves. The children used ribbon sticks, hockey sticks and enjoyed pretend hot chocolate to warm up after the skate.

Later in the month, dramatic play became a fairy tale setting for the children to role play as “The Three Bears”, “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Three Little Kittens.” The children were observed building houses for the pigs, hanging mittens for the kittens and having porridge with the bears. It was an opportunity to discuss the characters, setting and plot in a story and use pictures and objects to retell a story sequence.

Please feel free to browse through the observation and daily programming pages as well as the learning stories. Both binders are found on the desk inside the classroom. We want our parents to see the learning that happens in a day. It’s incredible!

Just a reminder we will be closed Monday February 19th for Family Day. We hope you have a wonderful day with your family.