Preschool #1

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                                                         Preschool #1

            Where has time gone?  The summer months will soon be behind us and the schedules and routines back in place.  Summer in our preschool room has been filled with exploration and play.  We have learned and grown so much. 

            Throughout August our interests have led us to explore the beach, water of all sorts and sea life.  Due to our fascination with the “giant” whales and the “mean” sharks, our interest somehow moved onto the “gigantic” dinosaurs.  We incorporated many activities where the children were able to use their imagination and learn all about the fascinating world of the prehistoric dinosaurs.  One of their favourite activities was the “dinosaur swamp” where they were able to walk the dinosaurs through the water and then onto the volcanic ash land.  It came to life with small explosive volcanos. So much fun!!

            The children have also been eager to share so many stories with us about their family vacations and all the activities they were able to experience.  Summer seems to have been a lot of fun for everyone.

            This year the teachers in our room will be Mrs. Stephanie, Mrs. Michelle, and Mrs. Denise. A reminder to our parents to please inform us of any changes to your child’s schedule and/or start times for the new school year.