Preschool #1

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Preschool Room # 1

February 2018


Wow! Where has January gone? It seemed to have come, brought a mixture of really cold days and some warmer days and then left. Although we were stuck inside for the really cold days we did take advantage of the beautiful days that we were given. The children really enjoyed playing on the snow. They helped to build a snowman, pulled each other in sleds, used the snow shovels and buckets to build snow castles and used the diggers and dump trucks to move the snow around. When it was too cold to go outside, we were able to bring the snow inside and add it to our interest table. The children added water colour to the snow, while using scoops and small shovels for digging.

Many times, the children in our room are found putting pegs in the peg board and pretending that it is a birthday cake. They often hand it to someone while singing “Happy Birthday,” then tell them to blow out candles and eat their cake. Due to this interest, we turned our dramatic play centre into a birthday party. The children really seem to be enjoying it.

Just a reminder we will be closed Monday February 19th for Family Day. We hope you have a wonderful day with your family