Preschool #1

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Preschool #1 News

November 2019

           Autumn leaves are just beginning to change colours and soon they will cover the ground.  We have spent several weeks learning about the Fall season and looking for all the different signs that tell us that it has arrived. The children are excited to see that some of the leaves are beginning to change and they were able to incorporate the leaves that have already fallen into their play.  They raked them up, piled them up into tiny piles, filled up buckets and wagons, threw them high into the air and blew them all around.  The tiny leaves also became “food for the drive-thru” and “homes for the insects”.  Imagine the possibilities once all the leaves are on the ground.

          Halloween 🎃 Open House turned out to be a HUGE success! It was a ton of fun to see all the children dressed in their costumes and so excited to show them off.  We hope all our families had as much fun as we did. 

          Remembrance Day is Monday, November 11th. Story Book is still open however this may be a holiday for some. Please let us know if this changes your child’s schedule in any way.