Kindergarten News

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The month of October brings many exciting things to the Kindergarten room!  We have welcomed the first day of Fall and have been keeping track of the falling leaves all around us.  So far, we have collected leaves of yellow, orange, brown, red, green, and even some multi-coloured ones.  Our crew will continue to scour their yards, in search of even more colours (they’re hoping for purple & blue!).

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve noticed a particular creature that continues to appear in our “mystery bag”.  Silly Turkey is a rather sneaky little fella, who likes to visit the JK/SK group. Based on their squeals and continuous giggles, I’d say that they love him, too!

We’ll soon be adding some spooky creations to our bulletin boards; painted pumpkins, silly ghosts, & flying bats.  We’ve got lots of funny Halloween stories to share, and even a finger-play rhyme, that they can teach you at home.

As you may have heard, our classroom has an amazing view, of the school’s construction zone, right outside our large back windows.  The Kindergarten crew continue to “supervise” the workers, and take note of the different machinery & equipment that they see each day.  We’ve researched some of these big machines and understand more about how they work and which jobs they do.

Our group has quickly learned that Kindergarten is all about making friends, being kind, learning new things, and most important . . . having fun.  The JK/SKs continue to reference our “Wall of Friends” and enjoy finding one another’s photos!  They have all learned that getting “caught” (by a teacher/grown up) doing something amazing, makes them “KINDERGARTEN SUPERSTARS”!

Reminder we will be closed Monday October 12th. We wish all our families a very happy Thanksgiving.

On Friday October 30th please wear orange and black to celebrate Halloween. This is an easy way for us to celebrate Halloween for such young children.

Note: Due to Covid-19, we unfortunately will not be able to accept treats and/or items to be given out for Halloween. Thank you for your understanding.