Kindergarten News

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The holiday season has come to a close, and we are ready to ring in the New Year, here in the Kindergarten room!  Our crew is still on their best behaviour, as they’re not quite convinced that Sparkle (the elf) has left the building for good.  After all, he WAS a mischievous little guy!  We never really knew, from day to day, where we would find him, or what kind of pranks he would pull.  One thing is for certain, he always made us smile; . . . well, usually (maybe not the day that he spilled putty on our fidget toys – lol!).

As we step into 2022, we’ve decided that this would be a year of happiness, and lots of fun!  The calendar on our wall is entitled “A Holiday Every Day”, and our Kindergarten crew is anxious to celebrate as much as possible.  Skip Taco Tuesday, as the 4th is National Spaghetti Day.  On the 19th, we’ll have a special afterschool snack for National Popcorn Day, and on the 21st, “Silly Squirrel” might make an appearance at circle time (as its Squirrel Appreciation Day)!  January 25th may be a bit confusing (yet fun) as “yes” means “no”, and vice versa, for Opposite Day.  You’ll probably catch us walking backwards and wearing our backpacks on our bellies, too!

Our JK/SK friends are hoping for a little snow, as well.  We’d like to get outside to play in that fluffy white stuff, now that the coldest season is finally here.  A classroom tally chart will determine what our favourite snowy activity is.  Stay tuned!

Soon enough, our bulletin boards will be covered in all thing’s “winter”.  Icicles and snowflakes will glisten, and our snowman parade will light up the room!  We’ll be learning all about those animals that like the winter weather, and how to identify their tracks on the frozen ground, or in the snow.  And, if all goes as planned, our kindergarten friends will get to go “skating” (on paper plates) in the gym.  Can’t wait!

There is always “SNOW” MUCH fun happening down in the kindergarten room