Kindergarten News

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We are so excited to be back in the classroom, and a very full one, at that!  It’s been fun to catch up with some familiar faces, and welcome lots of new friends, in our kindergarten classroom, as well.

We’ve had a VERY busy return, as our focus was on Robert Munsch (learning all about authors & illustrators), and all things “Disney”!  The JK/SKs enjoyed several theme days during our “Wacky Week”, and were extremely surprised to find that our elf, Sparkle, had come back to help us celebrate Christmas in July!  We’re almost positive that the Easter Bunny must have spent some time in our room, as well, as there were eggs hidden in the craziest places.  Eventually, the kindergarten room was transformed into our very own carnival, complete with lots of games (dinosaur ring toss, lucky ducks, feed-the-monster bean bag toss, baton twirling, etc.) & even a ride!  We were also invited to attend the most AMAZING circus performance, put on by our school-age friends!

Outdoor time, in the new Story Book playground, is also a HUGE highlight of our afternoons. Driving the school bus (to Jurassic Park or McDonald’s), riding the bikes, and rolling down the hill to create a static charge (artificial grass) are amongst our FAVOURITE daily activities!

Delight in finding, and caring for, our classroom beetle (aka THUNDER), has spurred a week of creepy crawly fun, as we explore all kinds of interesting insects.  The JK/SK crew are learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly, how spiders catch their prey, and the luck that a ladybug brings.  Soon enough, we’ll be “Down with the Dinosaurs”, transforming into primary paleontologists!  A week, or so, of “Ocean Exploration” will take us deep into the water, as will another exciting WATER DAY with the Essex Fire Department.  Eventually, this clever group will take a walk on the wild side and head “Into the Jungle”, for a few days of roaring fun, and maybe a little monkey business!  We’ll round out the summer by blasting off into “Outer Space” to explore all the planets (in our solar system), & the aliens that might be living amongst them!

As always, our JK/SK Superstars continue to practice kindness, as we have all learned that we can’t have “KINDERGARTEN” if we take away the “KIND”!