Kindergarten News

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We’re not quite sure how we’ve already jumped into the month of June, but we sure are trying

to pack in as much as we can into the last few weeks of school.

Our Mother’s Day surprises were a huge success! Our personalized keychains were loved by all

that received them. Now for the Dads, with Father’s Day on the horizon, our Kindergarten crew have been busy creating something special for the favourite guys in their lives.

Recently, we discovered a bird’s nest that was hidden between a brick pillar and the fence, out on our playground. We are thinking that the birds may have constructed the nest on a weekend,

not realizing just how much activity takes place (on any given day) out there. They seemed to have abandoned it, perhaps, for a safer place. Meanwhile, the eggs on Miss Kelly’s deck, have

hatched. She has been taking pictures each day, to share the progress of the baby robins’ development, with us. We were able to see how they shed their fuzzy layer and grew feathers, how the momma bird fed worms to the babies, and how they learned to flap their wings. It is amazing how the baby robins were ready to leave the nest in just 10 short days! Several of our friends have found birds’ nests in their yards too, and are eager to share similar stories with the class.

According to our “Holiday Everyday” calendar, we’ve got a few more fun things to celebrate this month. On Friday, June 7th, our group will enjoy a special treat for “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day”. June 15th is a day for “Smile Power” where we’ll encourage our friends and family to turn their frowns upside down, and we’ll be rockin’ our shades on the 27th for National Sunglasses Day!

A final P.D. Day will take place on Friday, June 7th. Please let us know if your child will require care. Thanks!

Our Kindergarten crew has certainly accomplished a lot in the past ten months together, and we can hardly believe that the school year is coming to a close. We look forward to a fun-

filled summer program, full of special activities, crafts, theme days, and water fun. We hope that you will join us on our upcoming exciting adventures! For those that are out for the summer months, we certainly look forward to having you back in September!

Just a reminder Story Book ELC will be closed on Monday July 1st for Canada Day!