Kindergarten News

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KINDERGARTEN NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

            As the month of August comes to an end, the kindergarten crew were asked to reflect on some of their favourite summer activities.  Perhaps the most popular of answers was the week that they became “paleontologists”, by digging for dinosaur bones with a chisel & mallet.  Once uncovered, we were able to construct a T-Rex skeleton to display in our science centre.  Our designated “water” days were certainly a hit (especially getting the teachers wet with their buckets & sponges). They loved our daily “dance offs”, to songs like Pop-Se-Ko, Tooty Ta, and Herman the Worm as well as the chance to dress up as Disney Characters. Learning all about our solar system and the planets, followed by a rocket launch, gained an honourable mention.  Our outdoor time and the “teacher versus student” hula hoop competitions were mentioned, as was the classroom piñata during our Around the World week.  Spraying the giant water hoses & touring the trucks was the highlight of their walk to the fire station.  And eating outside, at our Teddy Bear picnic, was so much fun that they requested to do it two days in a row!  And last, but not least, was our special movie day (Franklin & his friends on the big screen), while snuggled up with blankets in the gymnasium.

            It goes without saying, that we (here in the kindergarten room) managed to pack our days full of adventures, games, and learning!  And despite all of the fun, we know that the summer months have passed us by, and preparations for the new school year are under way.

            With September’s arrival, and heavy hearts, we are saying “hasta luego” (Spanish for “see you later”), to several of our friends, as they make their way up to the Grade One room.  And we are saddened, also, to be saying goodbye to our beloved Miss Sarah, as she too, will be returning to school.

            Our kindergarten crew are making plans to welcome all of the new faces that will be joining us soon and look forward to building lots of new friendships!  With open arms, we’d like to welcome Miss Janet to our group, as she’ll be joining Miss Kennin, Miss Kelly, and some AMAZING kiddos in the kindergarten classroom.  Let the fun begin!!!