Kindergarten News

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We’re sure you’ve heard the popular saying . . . “If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb”.  Well, our JK/SK crew decided to test that theory.  We’ve spent the previous weeks learning all about weather.  It was agreed that the characteristics best suited for “lion” weather were cold, windy, blowing, snow, or rain.  Warm & sunny days best described the “lamb” weather.  Each day, we checked out our window to determine whether a lion or a lamb would be placed on our calendar.  The month started out like a lamb, so we believed that if the theory were true, it would be a lion that sent us into April.  Throughout the month, the lambs were in the lead (and we were happy about spending LOTS of time outside)!  And in the end, our JK/SK crew decided that the theory was . . . TRUE OR FALSE???                                                                                                                                  You will have to ask your little meteorologist!

As April has come upon us, we have begun the search for “Signs of Spring”.  Our super sleuths have noticed that the birds are chirping loudly in the mornings.  They’ve noted that the red-bellied robins are often searching for worms in the grass, the frogs are making lots of noise, and that the grass is turning green.  Some have even seen turtles sunbathing on logs at the pond.  We’ve read lots about “hibernation” and know that it is finally time for all of those animals to wake up and enjoy the warmer weather!

Our kindergarten students have been busy little bunnies, prepping for the Easter holiday!  Sprouting up around the classroom are brightly painted (paper) Easter eggs, colourful egg ornaments, cookie cutter paintings, and fun window clings.  They are enjoying the “Bunny Hop”, plastic Easter egg hunts, and “Where Oh Where Has the Little Chick Gone?” (hiding game) during circle time.  Our favourite story is all about the mischievous little rabbits that get into the Easter Bunny’s paint (they request that one OFTEN – lol!).

Just a reminder, that we will be closed on Friday, April 2nd and Monday, April 5th for Easter.  Happy Easter to all of you!