Kindergarten News

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Kindergarten News

Here in the kindergarten room, we celebrated World Kindness Day, by complimenting and saying nice things to our classmates, assisting friends with clean-up, and offering to help our parents make dinner/do laundry/feed our pets.  We spoke about the importance of doing and saying kind things EACH & EVERY day; it’s a pretty easy thing to do!

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles, . . . our kindergarten friends LOVE them!!!  We’ve got a classroom full of “puzzle masters” that are always up for a new challenge.  Sorting pieces, building the framework, and popping them together, is (by far) one of our favourite classroom activities!

As the winter season approaches, we have been learning about “hibernation”.  We know that several animals don’t do very well in the cold winter months, so they sleep them away, and wake again in the springtime.  Our class has been discussing the many ways that the animals prepare themselves for hibernation.  We’ve read several books, done some role playing, and have determined which animals actually like the cold, and which ones do not.  Some of our classmates wish that they could hibernate, too (to avoid those cold winter days).  Although, hibernating would mean missing out on . . . Christmas!

These little ones are already busy making plans for the upcoming holiday season!  We’ve heard many stories of trees going up, houses being decorated, and wish lists being perfected.  Our kindergarten crew is looking forward to a VERY busy month.  Be on the lookout for lots of holiday themed artwork, finger-play poems, and ‘Christmasy’ centres in our classroom!  They may not know it yet, but Santa may be leaving a little surprise, to help us kick off the new month.  This special “visitor” will be keeping an eye on our kindergarten friends and reporting back to the big guy at night!  Hopefully, he/she won’t get into too much mischief while here at EPS!

Just a reminder Story Book ELC will close Friday December 21st at 6 pm for the Christmas holidays. We will re-open on Wednesday Jan 2nd at 6 am.

Merry Christmas!