Kindergarten News

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We have had a VERY busy start to the new school year, here in the Kindergarten room.  There have been lots of new friends to welcome (to our class), bus schedules to learn and new routines to master; . . . but we are doing a GREAT job so far!

It has only been a few short weeks, but we’ve learned that there is already some common ground amongst this group . . .

They all LOVE to listen to Robert Munsch stories.  Whether it’s about the boy who wore his pajamas to school, Jule Ann and the giant mud puddle or smelly socks, they all seem to hang onto EVERY word, and when Mortimer decides to sing, the entire crew belts out, “Clang, clang, rattle, bing, bang!  I’m going to make my noise all day!”

These Kindergarteners LOVE bugs!  On any given day, you will find our classroom full of “cricket whisperers” outside, corralling potato bugs, crickets, and other little critters onto Frisbees, and into homemade habitats (made from plastic trucks & pails).  Several of our students advocate for these tiny creatures and have been heard uttering “be kind to nature – don’t squish the bugs!”.

Last, but not least . . . the LOVE of “freeze” dance!  Several times a week, these footloose 3.5-5yr olds, freestyle their way across the carpet until the music stops and FREEZE!  It’s always fun to see who can be the last one standing!

We’ve been talking a lot about the Fall season and all of the things that it brings along with it.  Because several (in our class) have been to the orchard for apple picking, we’ve created an apple tree on our bulletin board, complete with a variety of apples and leaves of various colours.  Check out our display of artwork in the hallway, as you head down to our room!

We are certainly looking forward to another busy month, full of Autumn craft activities, talk of Thanksgiving, pumpkin poems, and Halloween roleplay.  We’ve got plenty of “spooktacular” books in store, new orange playdough for creative play and lots of ghoulish games to try out during our large group time together!  Hopefully, we’ll have time to fit it all in!