Kindergarten News

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Well, we certainly are glad to be back, after another long and unexpected break!  And, it’s so nice to see that our Kindergarten crew has picked up again, right where we left off, giggling and having fun, as always.  We may have missed out on the rest of our holiday celebrations, ringing in the New Year, a few birthday celebrations, and Groundhog’s Day, but . . . we were back just in time to do something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day!

Our discussion on kindness and caring took us in an unexpected direction, as we started talking about doing things to “make people smile”.  At some point, the elderly (particularly those living in our local nursing home) gained our attention; learning that they were not able to have visitors (due to Covid-19) for the time being.  And so, it was decided, that in a few short days, we would make as many cards as we could, to share with the seniors at Iler Lodge.  These 4 and 5yr old’s certainly rose to the challenge, adding red paper plate “valentine heart” wreaths to the package that would be sent over.  These colourful crafts were VERY well received, and our crew was sent some photos of the happy residents and their cards!  These photos have been added to our bulletin boards, and the seniors have become honorary members of our JK/SK class!

With the abundance of snow that we have received lately, our “Winter” theme continues.  We know all about the animals that prefer this cold weather!  We have started to identify the tracks that they leave in the snow and are learning about how they find their food when the ground & water is frozen.  We are hoping for a few more weeks of this wintery weather, as playing out in the snow is SO much fun!  We did a survey, complete with a tally chart, and found that our Kindergarten crew prefer making snow angels the most!

As we head into March, we turn to all things green.  This Kindergarten bunch will learn all about St. Patrick’s Day, the legend of the leprechauns, and searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Shamrocks will pop up around our classroom, disguises will be created, and if we’re lucky, our leprechaun traps will catch something fun!  Don’t be surprised if your little one insists on being called by his/her new “leprechaun” name, as it’s just a little glimpse into the “Irish” fun that we’ll be having!