Kindergarten News

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Well, what a summer that was! It was so much FUN to have such a full house in the JK/SK room and be surrounded by all the contagious laughter and giggles every day! We certainly managed to pack a lot into our days. And our Kindergarten “Superstars” are little sponges, which made learning so exciting!

Some of our very favourite activities during the last month included . . .

Becoming little paleontologists, our JK/SK crew took part in the “big dig” using a miniature mallet and chisel, to chip through clay looking for dinosaur bones. They learned about the tiniest dinosaur with the longest name, . . . a micropachycephalosaurus. And decided that the allosaurus and parasaurolophus were their favourites!

We dove into the water, learning all about the five layers of the ocean. A trip to the “abyss” landed us in the darkened gymnasium where glow sticks helped us become “bioluminescent” like the angler fish and other creepy creatures that live in the darkest parts of the ocean.

As the summer season is winding down, we are already starting to plan for the new school year ahead. We are extremely proud of the hard work that our Kindergarten crew have done (throughout the past couple of months) and are confident that those moving up are going to AMAZE everyone in the first grade!

September will bring new friends, new activities, and new routines to our JK/SK room. As always, our goal will be to have as much fun as we can, while learning new and exciting things! And of course, practicing that KINDERGARTEN starts with (being) K-I-N-D!