Kindergarten News

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Like the old saying goes . . . “Time flies when you’re having fun!”, and fun is certainly something that we have had!  The month of July seemed to fly by, here in the Kindergarten room.  We’ve kept ourselves busy, learning all about the different creatures that live in the jungle, and even adopted our very own wild animals (to care for & cuddle for the week).  We “had a blast” with our outer space studies, learning all about the eight planets in our solar system, turning ourselves into artwork astronauts, creating our own planets, building UFOs, and conducting gravity experiments.  We wrapped up the month with a visit from our local firefighters, who unleashed their water hose on the soccer field, to create a giant sprinkler for our water play!

As we step into August, our Kindergarten crew have another fun-filled month planned!  There’ll be special lunch days, visitors from the library, and a second Water Day with the firefighters (to hopefully give everyone this “wet & wild” experience).  We’ve also been invited to the Fire Station, for a personalized tour and rides in the firetrucks!  And as long as the weather cooperates, we’ll enjoy many more picnic lunches, and outdoor play (with the bikes) in their favourite “Bus Park”.

A highlight, of our “Commotion in the Ocean” Week, is likely going to revolve around our shark day!  We’ll learn many fun facts (Did you know that a great white has 240 teeth that continually fall out & regrow throughout their lifetime?) and measure the length of  a shark using our bodies.  Our clever crew will discover the five layers of the ocean and explore the unique creatures that live in each one.  A trip to the Abyss, (darkened gymnasium with glow sticks) will allow them to become “bioluminescent” like the angler fish, down in the deepest water.

We’ll be feeling festive during our “Week of Holidays”!  Christmas, Easter, Halloween, & St. Patrick’s Day will be extra exciting with special dress up days, crafts, & freeze dance parties!

The JK/SKs will get “Down with the Dinosaurs”, and learn to decipher which are carnivores, herbivores, & omnivores.  Just how many kindergarten sized shoes will fit inside one dinosaur footprint?  Stay tuned and we’ll let you know!  Our JK/SK friends will also get the opportunity to become “paleontologists”, with their safety glasses & chisel, at the Big Dig!

Always kind & helpful!  Always busy & creative! Always smiling & having fun!  This is Kindergarten!  It’s what we do!