Kindergarten News

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Well, here’s hoping that Spring is FINALLY here to stay! After a little tease of warmer weather and a couple of days without our coats, April took a turn and had us back into our winter gear for most of the month. With lots of “April showers” we are expecting to see plenty of “May flowers” starting to bloom in a couple of weeks.

Our thoughtful JK/SK group made us SO incredibly proud as they decided to do a “play yard clean-up” in honour of EARTH DAY! With a little help from our school-aged friends (who held open the bags for us), these determined little ones filled THREE grocery bags with garbage, which prevented it from polluting our planet. Way to go, Kindergarten!!!

What Does The Fox Say??? Those in our Kindergarten room can tell you for certain that the infamous song has got it all wrong. A fox sounds nothing like their claims! With a den of foxes currently located under Miss Kelly’s back deck, our crew have been studying these amazing creatures, and following their development through video and photo updates (that we are able to play on the big screen in our classroom). We’ve learned all about the denning season, how the Momma fox hunts to feed her kits/cubs, the changes in a fox’s appearance as it grows, and what they like to eat. Momma is VERY protective of her babies (there are 7 of them!) and the little ones are quite playful. They love to pounce, wrestle, explore in the garden, and roll around on an overturned hockey net!

There are plenty of occasions to celebrate in the month of May, but perhaps the most important one is . . . our MOMS! We’ll be taking the time to honour our Moms, and other special ladies (Grandmas, Nanas, etc.) by thanking them for all that they do for us. We’ll read special stories, and maybe even share a couple of surprises with our loved ones (wink, wink)!

When is a paperclip NOT a paperclip? We’ll find out on May 29th as the JK/SK students celebrate National Paperclip Day! It’ll be interesting to see just how creative this crew can be when they are each given a colourful paperclip to play with. The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

Story Book will be closed on Monday, May 22nd for the Victoria Day celebrations. We hope that you enjoy the long weekend with your friends and families!