Kindergarten News

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Well, the holidays are officially behind us, and although our celebrations were cut short (by a day), we certainly had lots of Christmas fun in the kindergarten room!  We played numerous games, read so many Santa stories, and shared all kinds of holiday traditions that we like to do (at home with our families).

A daily ritual was arriving in the classroom each morning to see what Sparkle, our visiting elf, had gotten into while we were gone.  He was known for getting himself into mischief, like dumping our crayon bin, scribbling on our whiteboard, and hanging streamers from the cupboards.   However, a couple of weeks into December, he started bringing a friend along with him (Twinkle) and she seemed to be a good influence.  The two of them built Christmas trees, played games, brought us some new books, and only got into our playdoh once!  They DID wrap our toy cart in toilet paper, but only because they had heard the JK/SKs talking about it one day.  We sure are going to miss their funny little elf adventures!

On a happier note, we are extremely proud to report that our “Christmas Kindness Campaign” was a huge success!  Our Kindergarten crew may be little, but they have the BIGGEST hearts!  Together, they were able to create 246 pieces of artwork (candy canes, Christmas trees, & cookie cutter paintings), and 112 decorated Christmas cards to deck the halls  of Iler Lodge, in attempt to bring a little holiday cheer to the residents there!  We’d like to thank some of the school-agers for helping us get out those last few pieces, and Miss Donna for the special delivery!

As we head into January, we’ll be celebrating the New Year with our Kindergarten group!  We’ll learn some different ways that the holiday is celebrated, and what it means to make a “resolution.”  We apologize in advance, but no New Year’s celebration is complete without the noise makers!

Just a reminder that Friday, January 20th is a P.A. Day.  Please let us know, as soon as possible, if your child(ren) will require care for the day.  Thanks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us, to all of YOU!!!