Kindergarten News

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In the past couple of weeks, we have seen many exciting things happening in our “construction zone”!  Our JK/SK crew have watched the window frames being installed, the bricks being laid, and cement being poured for the flooring.  We were recently fascinated by the “flying fire” early one morning.  This prompted a little lesson in “welding”, and the crew was happy to learn that “their construction guys” were actually quite safe with their special welding masks on!  Things are moving right along in the new build!

Although Halloween may have looked a little different this year, it did not stop our JK/SK’s from having fun!  We played many games, read books about silly ghosts & scaredy-cat bats, solved some spooky “mysteries”, and decorated our room in festive Halloween décor.  There were ghosts on our windows, pumpkins on our walls, and flying bats around our cubbies.

The month of November is all about . . . KINDNESS!  Here, in Kindergarten, we strive to promote kindness every day, and believe that everyone is capable of being kind.  Although, we will be focusing on kindness all month long, we have a very special day already marked on our calendar . . . World Kindness Day falls on Friday, November 13th, and we’ve decided (as a class) on a few “kind” things to do.  Perhaps our biggest project is working on a very large card for the construction workers.  We want to thank them for everything that they are doing, and especially the “good morning” waves through our window!  With their help, we are seeing & learning about so many new things!  It’s certainly not uncommon to hear our little ones shouting, “Be safe!” and “You’re doing a great job!”, as they pass the workers on the playground.  We have noticed that our Kindergarten crew truly have the biggest hearts and are already  doing such an AMAZING job at being kind to one another.