Kindergarten News

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We are happy to report that our Thanksgiving “Smiles for Seniors” project was a HUGE success. The residents at Iler Lodge (right here in town) were thoroughly surprised when gifted the Thanksgiving greetings/turkey paintings that our Kindergarten crew made for them! Mission accomplished! We look forward to spreading more joy in the upcoming holiday season, as well.

From creepy stories and spooky artwork, to making our very own “monster stew”, this JK/SK group certainly enjoyed all things Halloween, here in our classroom. Perhaps, their very favourite activities were dancing to the Monster Mash during a freeze dance activity and sharing their costume ideas during circle time discussions. Time to wrap up the black and orange for another year!

Now that Halloween has come and gone, we will be putting a slight twist on the “reduce/reuse/recycle” campaign. Our crew will learn some clever ways to reuse and recycle all of their leftover Fall and Halloween items. Pumpkins and gourds make great feed for farm animals, pumpkin seeds can be dried and roasted for a tasty treat, and hay bales can line shelters/beds (providing warmth) for outdoor animals. There are always ways to implement the three “R’s” if you think outside the box.

With November upon us, it is time to reflect on Remembrance Day. Our Kindergarten students will learn about the significance of the poppy, and who to thank for the freedoms that we all enjoy today. They’re never too young to learn the basic concept of all that the soldiers have done for us, and our futures.

On a daily basis, we strive to (above all else) . . . be kind. After all, this is “KINDergarten”! The month of November provides plenty of opportunity to celebrate this special trait. Both “World Kindness Day” and “Random Acts of Kindness Day” take place within the next couple of weeks. Our JK/SK crew will be collaborating to come up with some incredible ideas to show those around us, just how polite and caring we can be! And not just onthese two particular days, but EVERY day, here at school.

Just a reminder that Friday, November 18th is a P.A. Day. Please let us know, as soon as possible, if your child(ren) will be requiring care. Thank you!