Kindergarten News

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We’ve had an amazing start to our new school year, and we are certainly busy, here in the Kindergarten room! We spent the first few weeks getting to know each other, our families, our likes, our dislikes, and the things that make us the happiest. With so many fun personalities, all the giggles, and the crazy conversations that take place in our classroom, our Kindergarten crew is almost guaranteed to have an incredible time together!

Several of our friends have been visiting the local apple orchards, which have sparked lots of conversations about the apple harvest, how apples grow, and the things that you could make with apples. We’ve learned that there is actually a “proper way to pick the apples” from the trees (twist, & twist some more, until its stem breaks loose from the branch). And we’ve learned that early Fall has the best weather conditions for apple season.

Our Kindergarten super sleuths have taken note of several changes to the weather lately, a definite sign that Autumn has arrived. Our leaf paintings will soon be hung on our bulletin board, as well as learning stories to showcase all the things that we are learning here at Story Book E.L.C. Latchkey. We’ll be identifying the different types of leaves, and the many colours they will turn in the Fall. After last year’s success, we’ll be creating another Thanksgiving pumpkin. Our JK/SKs will decide what they are the most thankful for, and these ideas will be written on our pumpkin (with a Sharpie marker), as a way of showing our gratitude. We’ll be reading about the “Run Away Turkey” and may even encounter a surprise character in our Mystery Bag!

By mid-October, our classroom will be full of all things Halloween! We’ll be making paper cup jack ‘o lanterns, handprint bats, & spooky spiders in the art centre. And don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize our Kindergarten crew when they dress in Halloween masks at home time! We’ll be playing Freeze Dance to the Monster Mash & other Halloween songs and reading lots of fun stories at circle time. What a “Spooktacular” way to wrap up the month!

Just a reminder, that the Story Book E.L.C. Latchkey program will be closed for the holiday on Monday, October 10th. Enjoy the long weekend!