Kindergarten News

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Sadly, summer has come to an end, which means closing the book on an AMAZING couple of months.  I think it’s safe to say, that we were successful in filling our days with lots of learning, laughter, and most importantly . . . FUN!  There was never a shortage of reasons to smile while working with this particular Kindergarten crew!

We spent the past few weeks exploring the levels of the ocean, and the creatures that inhabit them.  We learned that the deeper you travel into the ocean, the less colourful the creatures will be, as they have less & less access to sunlight.  We also talked about the Abyss & the Trenches, and the creatures that have to create their own light in order to see (most use their other senses to hunt & get around).  The JK/SKs had lots of fun demonstrating this, by using glow sticks to become “bioluminescent” in the darkened gymnasium.

A chance finding of a map, in our outdoor play yard, had us intrigued, as it was marked with a large black “X”.  Following a trail of clues, the Kindergarten class travelled all around the school, hoping to find the pirates’ treasure.  It was a long day, but it paid off, as a treasure of diamonds, pearls, beads, and candy (the pirates’ favourite food) was found!  It also included silver mugs, a looking glass, a compass, and an eye patch with the Jolly Roger symbol on it.  Shiver me timbers!!!  We just knew the pirates had been around!

To finish off the month, we turned our Kindergarten classroom into our very own carnival!  There were games (ring toss, ball throw, & bean bag toss), rides (yup, we brought plasma cars right into the room!), and a “fun mirror” dress-up centre.  What carnival would be complete without some treats???  Popcorn & ice cream cones were served up at snack times.  And prizes were won at the Floating Duck water table!  What an incredible day!

Now that September has officially arrived, we acknowledge that some of our friends are moving on.  As much as they will be missed, we know that they will simply AMAZE everyone in their new Grade One rooms!  And, here in the Kindergarten room, we’ll be looking forward to all of the new faces & friendships that will come along.  We are expecting a VERY full class of Kindergarten students!  A very warm welcome to all of them!!!